【LX62THA】Fully automatic Loading and Unloading Square tube and circle tube Metal pipe Fiber laser cutting machine 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 watt

Short Description:

  • FOB Reference Price Range USD: 20000-100000
  • Model Number: LX62THA
  • Lead time: 20-35 working days
  • Payment Term: T/T;Alibaba trade assurance;West Union;Payple;L/C.
  • Machine Size: (About) 12000*5000*2450mm
  • Machine weight: 13000KG(About)
  • Brand: LXSHOW
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Shipping: By sea/By land
  • Product Detail





    Effective Tube Cutting Length 6500mm/9200mm 6500mm/9200mm
    Laser Output Power 1000-6000W
    Effective Round Tube Cutting Diameter



    Effective Square Tube Cutting Diameter



    MAX Weight of chunk



    Rectangular tube Edge Length



    Outer Circle Diameter



    X/Y-axis positioning accuracy


    X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy


    X axis maximum speed


    Y axis maximum speed


    Chunk speed


    Chunk type


    Weight of whole machine(About)


    Weight of whole machine include loading equipment


    Machine size


    Machine size include loading equipment


    Main parts

    Semi-enclosed design

    • 1. Semi-enclosed design, equipped with automatic lifting doors, which is convenient and at the same time guarantees the safety of workers
    • 2. Heavy-duty welded bed, it can meet the high-speed operation of the machine without shaking
    • 3. The front end of the machine is surrounded by design to improve the dust removal effect


    • A  Double exhaust system to ensure fume extraction effect, matching front and rear chuck, step by step, level processing.

      The rear chuck equipped with a waste collection system.

    • B  Follow-up support component system. During the cutting process, it can be ensured that the support frame can always follow the pipe to prevent pipe cutting errors caused by pipe deformation. The front end is equipped with front, rear, left and right dual follow-up modules to ensure cutting accuracy, and automatic tilting and blanking settings to prevent pipe scratches.
    • The machine is equipped with Bochu special chuck, which has better dynamic performance, speed can reach 80r/min, acceleration can reach 1.5G

    Pneumatic Chuck Clamping Design

    • It adopts an pneumatic clamp design on both sides and it can modulate the center automatically.The diagonal adjustable range is 20-220mm(320/350 is optional)

    Fractional Automatic Support Installation

    It employs intelligent tube support design, which can solve the deformation problems in the process of long tube cutting

    Professional Clamp Design

    • Automatic pneumatic chuck, adjustable and stable, clamping range is wider and clamping force is larger. Non - destructive pipe clamping, fast automatic centering and clamping pipe, performance is more stable. The chuck size is smaller, rotation inertia is low, and dynamic performance is strong. Self-centering pneumatic chuck, gear transmission mode, higher transmission efficiency, long working life and high work reliability
    pipe steel laser cutting machine cutting head

    Intelligent Autofocus

    lt will automatically in cutting process adjust the focus which can realize the best cutting effect of different thickness of metal

    • Intelligent Alarm System
    • It can detect anomalies in advance, reduce hidden dangers, and double the effect of abnormal detection of equipment
    • Stroke intelligent protection
    • Detect whole process of cutting head working, quickly feedback the risk and stop it. Double protection with fixed limit to improve equipment and personal safety and reduce risk

    The Absolute Value Servo Motor

    System is equipped with servo motor, boot to homework, do not need to return to zero operation, power outages, a key recovery cutting operation


    metal laser cutter sample round tube

    round tube

    steel cutting laser machine sample square tube

    square tube

    laser metal cutter sample round tube

    round tube

    steel laser cutting machine sample square tube

    square tube

    laser cutting steel machine sample round tube

    round tube

    steel laser cutter machine sample square tube

    square tube

    fibre laser cutting machine sample

    round tube

    cnc laser metal cutting machine sample

    square tube

    cnc fiber laser cutting machine sample

    round tube

    cnc laser cutting machine metal sample

    square tube

    cnc laser cutting machine for metal sample

    round tube

    cnc metal laser cutting machine sample

    square tube

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