Internal reference for inspection and maintenance of optical fiber cutting machine power

As an important part of metal laser cutting machine, the power supply of metal fiber cutting machine, the importance of its maintenance is self-evident. In the process of use, we must often inspect the working status of the metal laser cutting machine and the regulator to prevent malfunctions, thereby greatly improving the life of the metal laser cutting machine. The inspection of the stabilized power supply of the metal laser cutting machine is mainly to observe the compensation transformer to see whether the temperature rise of the regulating transformer is normal, whether there is overheating, the coil is discolored and so on. Whether the contact of the carbon brush is good, monitor whether the input and output voltages are normal, and whether there is overload. In order to carry out more stringent maintenance and maintenance, every three months, the dust and dirt of each part of the regulator of the metal laser cutting machine must be removed, the chain drive system is working properly, the sprocket is oiled, and the chain tightness is adjusted Check if the carbon brush holder is tilted or stuck. If it is found, adjust it. In addition, check the electrical contacts of the metal fiber laser cutting machine for damage. If necessary, replace or repair them in a timely manner: check whether the column voltage transformer is flexibly operating, whether the carbon brush is intact, and replace the damaged or severely worn carbon in a timely manner.

Post time: Feb-14-2020