The difference between Single module YLR-3000 (50UM) and multi-module of Fiber laser generator 3000W and higher power

Small body, but it contains powerful power;

more pursuit of the ultimate;

With 3000W power, achieve 6000W efficiency

This is YLR-3000 (50UM) single-module laser.

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Improve 30-50% cutting efficiency

Compared to multi-module lasers, the YLR-3000 single-module laser has a finer core and concentrated energy, which brings an upgraded cutting efficiency experience for thin-plate cutting. Taking 1MM sheet as an example, compare the cutting efficiency data of YLR-3000 single module laser and YLS-3000 multi-module laser:

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Combined with the above data and user field test display:

In the cutting process of 1MM thin plates, the actual cutting speed of YLR-3000 single-module laser is 30-50% higher than that of multi-module laser cutting, and the efficiency is comparable to 6000W multi-module laser. In other words, with the same workload, with YLR-3000 single-module laser processing, the 5-day workload can be easily completed in only 2-3 days.

Reject the glitch and get it in one step.

Thanks to the inherent advantage of energy concentration, the YLR-3000 laser can provide better cutting results and achieve a better cutting process. In the comparison of the cutting quality of the 3MM aluminum plate, the glitch-free slag and the need for secondary grinding are the “excellent achievements” of the YLR-3000 in one step.

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Chic appearance, convenient placement.

The YLR-3000 laser has a small and chic appearance, a veritable “small body and great energy.” Reduce the cost of freight for users while releasing more plant space and reducing the cost of plant space.

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Post time: Nov-08-2019