Third Quarter Conference 2019 – Renewed Achievements

Third Quarter Conference 2019 – Renewed Achievements


Third quarter of 2019

New historical moment


As of the end of September 2019, the first three quarters of this year’s performance have exceeded the annual results of last year. This is a new historical moment. For the remaining 1/4 of 2019, all the Lxshows will continue to spare no effort to create new records and work hard!

01 Quarterly commendation


Contribution award


Third Quarter Company Outstanding Contributors

Your strong marketing ability

A new moment that drives the company’s performance


Pioneering award


Pioneer in the new model market

Your keen market awareness

Adding glory to the company’s sales performance


(sterling silver medal)

Outstanding work in all positions of the company

It’s your cooperation and unity.

Let the company develop to the next level



02 Quarterly dinner


All the dinner is our quarterly exclusive ceremony

Working mode, we go all out

 Catering mode, we are informal


Drink a cup of myself because we work hard

a cup of company, grateful and blessing


Satiate enough to pick up the sleeves

Let’s work together!


Bring your “simple, happy” heart

We are “grateful” all the way

“Persist” to be the best Lxshows!


Post time: Oct-16-2019