Exchange table

fiber laser cutting machine raycus machine bed

Exchange table can highten work efficiency by changing table automatically. After cutting one metal plate,the other metal plate can come to ready cutting through exchange table,no need human action. Especially suitable for high power.

Oscillating Knife

Japanese servo motor, through the principle ofhigh-frequency vibration to cut through the matenal. more suitable for 5mm below PVC KT boardand medium density cutting material, you canchoose to install45°.26°.16° and other diffrertangles of cutting blade to complete diferent thickness cuttig.sdfsfs

50D Gold Rotary

1. Suitable for all kinds of inner ring and outer ring marking;
2. Can also be used for flange, dial, holding the cup and all kinds of round objects;(diameter of less than 50)
3. Designed for laser industry, can be directly installed to the laser marking machine worktable;
4. Apply to small, beautiful appearance, never rust;


Water table

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Flame cutting head

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Drilling head

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Gas Blowing Tube

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By blowing nitrogen or argon gas,the workpiece is prevented from oxidizing and blackening and the angle of the blowing pipe can be adjusted at will.

Laser generator


Different power of laser generator has different cleaning capacity. Power has 50 100 200 300 500 1000W. Detailed cleaning capacity will be related the materials and thickness of rust and so on.