Work Line

  • uv laser marking

    uv laser marking

    It conforms to European CE standards and is equipped with high-speed scanning galvanometer. It has high precision and high speed and can replace manual sand blasting. The software control system is used for Windows interface. It supports multiple file formats including Al, JPG, CDR, BMP and so on...
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  • CO2 laser marking

    CO2 laser marking

    Medicines, personal care products, tobacco, food and beverage packaging, alcohol, dairy products, clothing accessories, leather, electronic components, chemical building materials and other industries. Can engrave non-metal and part of the metal. Widely used in food packaging, beverage packaging,...
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  • Fiber laser marking

    Fiber laser marking

    Phone keys, plastic translucent keys, electronic components, integrated circuits(IC),electrical appliances, buckles cookware, stainless steel products and other industrie.  
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