【LX82TS】Round Square tube ss cs aluminum metal pipe tube fiber laser cutter 1KW 1.5KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 6KW 8KW 12KW

Short Description:

  • FOB Reference Price Range USD: 20000-80000
  • Model Number: LX82TS(LX62TS optional)
  • Lead time: 10-25 working days
  • Payment Term: T/T;Alibaba trade assurance;West Union;Payple;L/C.
  • Machine Size: 11340*1560*1615mm (About)
  • Machine weight: 8000KG
  • Brand: LXSHOW
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Shipping: By sea/By land
  • Product Detail

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    Machine Model LX82TS(LX62TS optional)
    Power of Generator 1000-3000W
    Dimension 11340*1560*1615mm (About)
    Clamping Range Φ20-Φ220mm(320/350mm can be customized)
    Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
    Specified Voltage And Frequency 380V 50/60HZ



    The Segmented Rectangle Laser Tube Welded Bed

    Good rigidity, high precision, no deformation during the life cycle;

    Welded aluminum collet board, formed through high precision process. Good weight and good dynamic performance

    machine bed of tube fiber laser cutter


    Suitable Power:1000-3000w(4000w optional)


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    Pneumatic Chuck Clamping Design

    It adopts an pneumatic clamp design on both sides and it can modulate the center automatically.The diagonal adjustable range is 20-220mm(320/350 is optional)

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    Professional Clamp Design

    Automatic pneumatic chuck, adjustable and stable, clamping range is wider and clamping force is larger. Non - destructive pipe clamping, fast automatic centering and clamping pipe, performance is more stable. The chuck size is smaller, rotation inertia is low, and dynamic performance is strong. Self-centering pneumatic chuck, gear transmission mode, higher transmission efficiency, long working life and high work reliability.

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    Fractional Automatic Support Installation

    It employs intelligent tube support design, which can solve the deformation problems in the process of long tube cutting

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    The Absolute Value Servo Motor

    System is equipped with servo motor, boot to homework, do not need to return to zero operation, power outages, a key recovery cutting operation

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    BM109 tube cutting and cutting series is an automatic focusing tube cutting fiber cutting head launched by Swiss RAYTOOLS AG in 2019. The product is equipped with a slender TRA component and a slender nozzle, which can adapt to any complicated pipe cutting product working conditions, and has a built-in motor drive unit. The focus lens is driven by a linear mechanism to automatically change the position within a range of 17mm. The user can set it through the program Fixed and continuous focusing, complete quick perforation and automatic cutting of pipes of different thicknesses and materials; this product is equipped with D28 compound lens group to integrate the beam, and the optimized optical and water-cooled design enables the laser head to work continuously and stably for a long time.

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