【LX3015PA】 Automation device fiber laser cutter price for sale metal laser machine cut carbon thickness chart aluminum plate for industry

Short Description:

  • FOB Reference Price Range USD: 20000-80000
  • Model Number: LX3015PA(4015/6015/4020/6020/6025/8025/12025 optional)
  • Lead time: 20-40 working days
  • Payment Term: T/T;Alibaba trade assurance;West Union;Payple;L/C
  • Machine weight: 10000KG
  • Brand: LXSHOW
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Shipping: By sea/By land
  • Product Detail



    Machine Model LX3015PA(4015/6015/4020/6020/6025/8025/12025 optional)
    Power of Generator 3000-12000W
    Working Area 1500*3000mm(Other size can be customized)
    Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
    Max Running Speed 120m/min
    Max Acceleration 1.5G
    Specified Voltage And Frequency 380V 50/60HZ
    Machine Weight 10000KG (About)


    application of  laser cut metal decoration

    Intelligent loading and unloading

    The running support adopts a truss structure and is equipped with a manual sorting platform for finished products. The unique design of the suction cup feeding system and the comb fork feeding system improves the operating efficiency of the equipment. Equipped with a plate separation and thickness detection device, which improves the safety of the equipment.


    Applicable Model

    LX3015P All Cover Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Applicable Model

    LX3015/4015/6015/4020/6020/6025/8025P Exchange Platform + Full Cover

    Saftey Protection Grating

    Set a safe distance ,once personal entered by mistake,the machine will stop work immediately.


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