Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma cutting is heated to high temperatures and is highly ionized gas, it will electric power will be transferred to the work pieces, high quantity of heat melt artifacts and disallowed, the formation of plasma arc cutting working condition.Compressed air into the cutting torch by the distribution of gas chamber two road, after the formation of plasma and auxiliary gas.Plays a role of molten metal plasma arc, the parts and auxiliary gas cooling cutting torch, and blow off has molten metal.Cutting power supply consists of a main circuit and control circuit, electrical principle: the main circuit including contactor, high leakage reactance of three-phase power transformer, three-phase bridge rectifier, high frequency coil and protection components, etc.By high leakage fight into steep will power source external characteristic.Control circuit through the push button switch on the torch to complete the whole cutting process: pre aeration, main circuit of power supply, high frequency arc, cutting process – rates arc – stop.The main circuit power supply controlled by the contactor;Short of gas flux is controlled by electromagnetic valve;By the arc ignition control circuit to control the high frequency oscillator, and after the arc established high frequency to stop working.In addition, the control circuit is the following internal locking function: thermal switch action, stop working.

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