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  • Model Number: WE67K
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  • Brand: LXSHOW
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    hydraulic press brake
    Model Machine Weight(mm) Cylinder diameter(mm) Cylinder stroke(mm) Wallboard(mm) Slider(mm) Workbench Vertical Plate(mm)
    WE67K-30T1600 1.6 t 95 80 18 20 20
    WE67K-40T2200 2.1 t 110 100 25 30 25
    WE67K-40T2500 2.3 t 110 100 25 30 25
    WE67K-63T2500 3.6 t 140 120 30 35 35
    WE67K-63T3200 4 t 140 120 30 35 40
    WE67K-80T2500 4 t 160 120 35 40 40
    WE67K-80T3200 5 t 160 120 35 40 40
    WE67K-80T4000 6 t 160 120 35 40 45
    WE67K-100T2500 5 t 180 140 40 50 50
    WE67K-100T3200 6 t 180 140 40 50 50
    WE67K-100T4000 7.8 t 180 140 40 50 60
    WE67K-125T3200 7 t 190 140 45 50 50
    WE67K-125T4000 8 t 190 140 45 50 60
    WE67K-160T3200 8 t 210 190 50 60 60
    WE67K-160T4000 9 t 210 190 50 60 60
    WE67K-200T3200 11 t 240 190 60 70 70
    WC67E-200T4000 13 t 240 190 60 70 70
    WE67K-200T5000 15 t 240 190 60 70 70
    WE67K-200T6000 17 t 240 190 70 80 80
    WE67K-250T4000 14 t 280 250 70 70 70
    WE67K-250T5000 16 t 280 250 70 70 70
    WE67K-250T6000 19 t 280 250 70 70 80
    WE67K-300T4000 15 t 300 250 70 80 90
    WE67K-300T5000 17.5 t 300 250 80 90 90
    WE67K-300T6000 25 t 300 250 80 90 90
    WE67K-400T4000 21 t 350 250 80 90 90
    WE67K-400T6000 31 t 350 250 90 100 100
    WE67K-500T4000 26 t 380 300 100 110 110
    WE67K-500T6000 40 t 380 300 100 120 120


    Electric Hydraulic Press Brake Product Shape Structure

    metal bending machine feature

    1. All steel structure design, production, beautiful appearance and reliable structure.


    2. Using UG (finite element) analysis method, computer-aided optimization design.


    3.the overall steel plate welded structure, vibration aging to eliminate internal stress, so that the fuselage has good strength, stiffness and stability.


    4.The left and right vertical columns are welded with a bottom plate to fix two oil cylinders. The left and right cylinders are placed at both ends of the slider, and the slider and the cylinder are connected by a piston rod, and the hydraulic system drives the up and down movement. The table is supported by a circular pad and an adjustment pad and is screwed to the column. The lower part of the column is equipped with left and right support angle irons to increase the bottom contact area to prevent tilting during transportation.


    5. The overall frame is rust-removed by sand blasting and sprayed with anti-rust paint.

    Electric Hydraulic Press Brake Structural Features


    The frame is composed of the fuel tank, support, workbench, left and right wall panels, and sliders as an integral structure, which ensures the structural strength of the frame. After welding, it is stress-relieved and processed on a large floor boring and milling machine. Especially for the slider, the vertical processing technology is adopted (because the working state of the slider is vertical) so as to ensure the straightness of the upper die mounting surface of the slider in the working state.


    Electric Hydraulic Press Brake Bending Mold


    This hydraulic press brake has high labor productivity and high working precision for bending metal sheets. It adopts upper and lower molds of different shapes, which can be bent into various shapes of workpieces. The sheet metal can be bent and formed once with one stroke of the slider. A workpiece with a more complex shape can be obtained after multiple bendings, and it can also be used for punching when equipped with corresponding equipment.


    Electric Hydraulic Press Brake Hydraulic System


    1. Adopt the most advanced fully closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronous control system;


    2. The complete set of hydraulic system is imported from German ARGO company;


    3. Imported linear grating ruler, high-precision guiding system, position measuring system and hydraulic equalization function are selected to meet the processing needs of full length or eccentricity;


    4. The seal in the oil cylinder is an international famous brand, with strong sealing performance and long service life;


    5. The hydraulic system has overload overflow safety protection;


    6. Oil pump high-pressure oil filter blockage alarm;


    7. The oil level is clearly and intuitively displayed;


    8. The press brake tool can work continuously under the rated load, and the hydraulic system ensures no leakage and continuous and stable processing with high precision;


    9. The oil cylinder is completed by forgings through rough machining, quenching and tempering, finishing, inner wall grinding, inner wall floating boring and rolling, so that the inner wall of the oil cylinder is not only wear-resistant, but also has high cylindricity accuracy. The piston rod is finished by rough machining, quenching and tempering, quenching, finishing, hard chrome plating, cylindrical grinding and other processes from the forging.


    Electric Hydraulic Press Brake Electrical System


    1. The electrical components are imported or joint venture products, in line with international standards, safe and reliable, with long life and strong anti-interference ability;


    2. Movable button station (including foot switch), easy to operate, with emergency stop function;


    3. The working system must have necessary limit protection measures. Once an abnormality occurs, it should be able to detect through the system and give an alarm immediately;


    4. The layout of the electrical cabinet is reasonable, the main circuit and the control circuit are considered separately, and enough space should be left for easy maintenance;


    5. The structure of the terminal block is reasonable, the terminal block is equipped with a protective nose, the wire number is clear, and it is oil-proof and durable;


    6. There are sealing measures at the entrance and exit of the electrical circuit, the direction of the circuit is clear, and the label is clear;


    7. Motor overload and short circuit protection adopts automatic air switch;


    8. Short circuit protection of the control circuit;


    9. All "emergency stop" buttons are interlocked, press any one, the bending machine tool will stop.


    Electric Hydraulic Press Brake Backguage


    1. The adjustment of the back gauge is driven by a servo motor.


    2. The rear gauge screw is positioned by a precision ball screw and supported by a linear guide.


    3. H-type synchronous belt synchronous wheel transmission, high transmission precision, low noise.


    4. Adopt up and down adjustable finger block, and can be fine-tuned front and back.


    Electric Hydraulic Press Brake Mold


    1. The upper mold adopts heavy-duty clamping T-slot.


    2. The upper and lower molds adopt segmented short molds, and the length required for splicing has high precision and good interchangeability, and is easy to disassemble. The connecting part is equipped with a compensation mechanism to compensate the deflection of the worktable and the slider when bending the sheet to ensure high working accuracy.


    3. The lower mold is processed into different "V"-shaped grooves for easy selection by the operator, and it is equipped with a lower mold turning mechanism. Just put the lifting chain on the slider lug and the lower mold lug, loosen the top mold to lift The slider can rotate the lower die to select the required "V" groove position surface.


    Upper Tool Fast Clamp


    Upper tool clamping device is fast clamp.




    Ball screw/liner guide are high precision.


    Front Support


    Aluminium alloy material platform ,attractive appearance, and decrease scratch of workpicec.






    Upper Tool Fast Clamp

    ·Upper tool clamping device is fast clamp

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