W11-16×2500 Symmetrical Three-roll Plate Rolling Machine for Sale

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  • Model Number: W11-16×2500
  • Leading Time: 15-20 work days
  • Payment Term: T/T;Alibaba trade assurance;West Union;Paypal;L/C
  • Brand: LXSHOW
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Shipping: By sea/By land
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    Symmetrical Three-roll Plate Rolling Machine

    3 roller bending machine parameters

    Model number W11-16×2500
    Structure type Symmetrical upward adjustment three-roll plate bending machine
    Work roll material Solid round 45#steel(high frequency quenching treatment)
    Maximum width 2500mm
    Roller working length 2550mm
    Maximum Coil Thickness 16 mm
    Plate Yield Limit 245Mpa
    Upper roll diameter 250mm (45# steel, surface heat treatment)
    Bottom roll diameter 200mm (45# steel, surface heat treatment)
    Main motor power 15kW
    Reducer JZQ400
    Lift motor power 5.5kW
    Auxiliary reducer JZQ250
    Dimensions 4.15×1.50×1.45m

    Work roll(45#steel)

    The up and down roll movement of the work roll completes the coiling action.

    work roll




    • The screw height adjustment mechanism is a mechanism that can adjust the height through a screw.
    • The mechanism is composed of a screw and a nut. By rotating the screw, the nut is driven to move up and down, so as to realize the height adjustment of the working surface such as the workbench.




    Electrical components

    • Electrical components are famous Siemens brands, which is popular in market.
    • Stable work ability.

    Electrical components



    Lifting worm assembly

    Lifting freely, flexible operation performance

    Lifting worm assembly



    Symmetrical Three-roll Plate Rolling Machine Hydraulic System

    Stand-alone system,easy maintenance(For hydraulic plate rolling machines)

    Brand:Japan NOK

    hydraulic system



    Main motor

    Easy installation, easy adjustment, excellent performance, complete solutions.

    main motor





    The lowest backlash.

    The maximum output torque.

    The highest torsion rigidity.

    High efficiency high quality low noise, lift time lubrication.

    High precision, long life.



    Hydraulic pump

    hydraulic pump




    Symmetrical Three-roll Plate Rolling Machine consumable parts

    1.Turbine shaft: using life more than 3 years

    2.Wear-resistant sleeve for shaft head:using life about 3 years


    Symmetrical 3 roller bending machine diagram

    Symmetrical 3 roller bending machine diagram

    Applicable materials

    Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, high carbon steel and other metals.


    Application industry

    As a mature mechanical processing equipment, the plate rolling machine has been widely used in steel, construction, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, power equipment manufacturing, pressure vessels, energy industry, and even aerospace and other fields.

    Application industry


    Plate rolling machine sample display

    sample display

    LXSHOW Factory display

    Factory display



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