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    metal bending machine

    How does a metal bending machine work?

    The bending machine is a machine capable of bending thin plates. Its structure mainly includes a bracket, a workbench and a clamping plate. The workbench is placed on the bracket. The workbench is composed of a base and a pressure plate. The base is composed of a seat shell, a coil and a cover plate, the coil is placed in the depression of the seat shell, and the top of the depression is covered with a cover plate. When in use, the wire is energized to the coil, and after energization, an attractive force is generated on the pressure plate, so as to realize the clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base. Due to the use of electromagnetic force clamping, the pressure plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and it can also process workpieces with side walls, and the operation is also very simple.


    Metal Bending Machine Parameter

    Model Weight Oil Cylinder Diameter Cylinder Stroke Wallboard Slider Workbench Vertical Plate
    WG67K-30T1600 1.6 tons 95 80 18 20 20
    WG67K-40T2200 2.1 tons 110 100 25 30 25
    WG67K-40T2500 2.3 tons 110 100 25 30 25
    WG67K-63T2500 3.6 tons 140 120 30 35 35
    WG67K-63T3200 4 tons 140 120 30 35 40
    WG67K-80T2500 4 tons 160 120 35 40 40
    WG67K-80T3200 5 tons 160 120 35 40 40
    WG67K-80T4000 6 tons 160 120 35 40 45
    WG67K-100T2500 5 tons 180 140 40 50 50
    WG67K-100T3200 6 tons 180 140 40 50 50
    WG67K-100T4000 7.8 tons 180 140 40 50 60
    WG67K-125T3200 7 tons 190 140 45 50 50
    WG67K-125T4000 8 tons 190 140 45 50 60
    WG67K-160T3200 8 tons 210 190 50 60 60
    WG67K-160T4000 9 tons 210 190 50 60 60
    WG67K-200T3200 11 tons 240 190 60 70 70
    WC67E-200T4000 13 tons 240 190 60 70 70
    WG67K-200T5000 15 tons 240 190 60 70 70
    WG67K-200T6000 17 tons 240 190 70 80 80
    WG67K-250T4000 14 tons 280 250 70 70 70
    WG67K-250T5000 16 tons 280 250 70 70 70
    WG67K-250T6000 19 tons 280 250 70 70 80
    WG67K-300T4000 15 tons 300 250 70 80 90
    WG67K-300T5000 17.5 tons 300 250 80 90 90
    WG67K-300T6000 25 tons 300 250 80 90 90
    WG67K-400T4000 21 tons 350 250 80 90 90
    WG67K-400T6000 31 tons 350 250 90 100 100
    WG67K-500T4000 26 tons 380 300 100 110 110
    WG67K-500T6000 40 tons 380 300 100 120 120


    Metal Bending Machine Standrad Configuration


    •Complete steel-welded structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity;

    •Hydraulic down-stroke structure, reliable and smooth;

    •Mechanical stop unit, synchronous torque, and high precision;

    •The backgauge adopts the backgauge mechanism of the T-type screw with smooth rod, which is driven by a motor;

    •Upper tool with tension compensating mechanism, In order to guarantee high precision of bending;

    •TP10S NC system

    metal bending machine feature


    Metal Bending Machine CNC System

    • TP10S Touch screen

    • Support angle programming and depth programming switching

    • Support settings of mold and product library

    • Each step can set opening height freely

    • The shift point position can be freely controlled

    • it can realize Multi-axis expansion of Y1、 Y2、 R

    • Support mechanical crowning workingtable control

    • support large circular arc automatic generate program

    • Support top dead center, bottom dead center, loose foot, delay and other step change options, it improve processing efficiency effectively • Support electromagnet simple bridge

    • Support fully automatic pneumatic pallet bridge function • Support automatic bending, realize unmanned bending control, and support up to 25 steps of automatic bending

    • Support time control of valve group configuration function, fast down, slow down, return, unloading action and valve action

    • it has 40 product libraries, each product library has 25 steps, large circular arc supports 99 steps

    metal bending machine system


    Upper Tool Fast Clamp

    ·Upper tool clamping device is fast clamp



    Multi-V Bottom Die Clamping(option)

    ·Multi-V bottom die with different openings




    ·Ball screw/liner guide are high precision

    metal bending machine backguage


    Metal Bending Machine Front Support

    ·Front support moves along linear guide, hand wheel adjust the height up and down

    ·Aluminium alloy material platform ,attractive appearance,and decrease scratch of workpicec.



    Optinonal Parts

    Crowning Compensation for Worktable

    · A convex wedge consists of a set of convex oblique wedges with a beveled surface. Each protruding wedge is designed by finite element analysis according to the deflection curve of the slide and worktable.

    ·The CNC controller system calculates the required compensation amount based on the load force. This force causes deflection and deformation of the vertical plates of the slide and table. And automatically control the relative movement of the convex wedge, so as to effectively compensate for the deflection deformation caused by the slider and the table riser, and obtain the ideal bending workpiece.



    Quick Change Bottomm Die

    ·Adopt 2-v quick change clamping for bottom die



    Lasersafe Safety Guard

    ·Lasersafe PSC-OHS safety guard, communication between CNC controller and safety control module

    · Dual beam from protection are point below 4mm below the tip of upper tool,to protect operator`s fingers;three regions(front,middle and real) of leaser can be flexibly closed,ensure complex box bending processing ;mute point is 6mm,to realize efficient and safe production.



    Mechanical Servo Bending Help

    · When mark bending support plate can realize the function of turning over following.following angle and speed are calculated and controlled by CNC controller,move along linear guide left and right.

    · Adjust the height up and down by hand, front and rear can also be adjust manually to suit for different bottom die openning

    ·Support platform can be brush or stainless steel tube ,according to workpiece size,two supports linkage movement or seperate movement can be chosed.


    Performance features

    Slider adopts torsion shaft synchronous mechanism ,also install high-precision taper centering bearings (“K”model) at both ends of torsion shaft and install eccentric adjustment mechanism at the left end in order to make slider synchronous adjustment convenient and reliable.

    Adopts Upper tool with tension compensating mechanism,upper tool port obtains a specific curves over the full length of the machine and deflection of worktable and slider improve bending accuracy of the tools when crowning through adjustment .

    During the angle adjustment,the servo worm drives the movement of the mechanical stop in the cylinder,and the cylinder position value is displayed by the stroke counter.

    The fixed place of the worktable and wallboard is equipped with an upper and lower adjustment mechanism ,which makes the adjustment convenient and reliable when the bending angle is slightly different.

    The right side of the column is equipped with a remote pressure regulator, which makes the system pressure adjustment, convenient and reliable.


    Hydraulic system

    Adopts advanced integrated hydraulic system reduces the installation of pipelines and ensures a high degree of reliability and safety in the operation of the machine.

    The speed of the slider movement can be realized. Rapid descent, slow bending, fast return back action, and fast down, slow down speed can be adjusted appropriately.


    Electric control system

    Eletrical component and material meet international standards,safe,reliable and long life.

    The machine adopts 50HZ, 380V three-phase four-wire power supply.The motor of machine adopts three-phase 380V and the line lamp adopts single phase-220V.The control transformer adopts two-phase 380V.The output of the control transformer is used by the control loop, among which 24V is used for back gauge control and for electromagnetic reversing valves. 6V supply indicator, 24V supply other control components.

    The electrical box of the machine is located on the right side of the machine and is equipped with a door opening and power-off device.The operate component of machine are all concentrated on the electrical box except the foot switch, and the function of each operating stacked element is marked by the image symbol above it.It can automatically cut off the power supply when opening the electric box door, and if it needs to be repaired live, it can be manually reset to pull out the micro switch lever.


    Front and back gauge

    Front bracket: It is Placed on the side of the worktable and secured by screws. It can be used as a support when bending wide and long sheets.

    Back gauge: It adopts back gauge mechanism with ball screw and linear guide is driven by servo motor and a synchronous wheel timing belt. The high-precision positioning stop finger can be easily moved left and right on the double linear guide rail beam, and the workpiece is bent "as you like".


    Metal Bending Machine Accessories manufacture

    Control system TP10S system
    servo motor and drive Ningbo、HaiDe
    hydraulic system Jiangsu、jian Hu Tian Cheng
    upper mold clamp fast clamp
    ball screw Taiwan、ABBA
    linear guide Taiwan、ABBA
    rear drive Fast ball screw and linear guide
    rear beam Double linear guide beam
    oil pump Domestic brand silent gear pump
    connector Germany、EMB
    sealing rings Japan、NOK
    main electrical component Schneider
    main motor Domestic self-control motor

    Application Scene of Metal Bending Machine

    The bending machine is a common sheet metal equipment, and the high-efficiency CNC metal bending machine is an upgraded product of the common bending machine. For example, this is like the difference between the previous key mobile phones such as Nokia and the current Apple Android smartphones. The high-efficiency CNC metal bending machine has a wider range of applications.

    1. In the decoration industry, the bending machine equipment can complete the production of stainless steel plates, doors and windows, and the decoration of some special places;

    2. In the electrical and power industry, the plate can be cut into different sizes by using the shearing machine, and then reprocessed by the bending machine. Such as computer cases, electrical cabinets, refrigerator air conditioner casings, etc. did so;

    3. In the kitchen and catering industry, various stainless steel kitchen utensils of various specifications are subjected to secondary processing such as welding and bending;

    4. In the wind power communication industry, wind power poles, street light poles, communication tower poles, traffic light poles, traffic signal light poles, monitoring poles, etc. are curved, and they are all typical cases of bending machines;

    5. In the automobile and shipbuilding industries, large-scale CNC hydraulic shearing machines are generally used to mainly complete the shearing work of the plates, and then perform secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.;

    As small as the bending of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal sheets, automobiles and ships, electrical appliances, decoration, kitchenware sheets, chassis cabinets, and elevator doors; as large as the aerospace field, metal CNC bending machines are playing an increasingly important role.

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