Bochu Controller

Baichu Electronics is the first private enterprise engaged in the development of complete sets of fiber laser cutting control systems. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of laser cutting control systems. The company's products are based on independent software development and are integrated with hardware such as boards, bus masters, and capacitor height adjusters. At present, the company has become a leading supplier of low- and medium-power, especially laser cutting control.

The board system is one of the company's two major categories of products. The board system is the carrier and hardware interface of the NC software's underlying control algorithm. Based on Intel's partial parallel bus PCI standard, it can realize sheet metal plane cutting machine or pipe 3D cutting machine. Control of mechanical transmissions, lasers, auxiliary gases and other auxiliary peripherals.

FSCUT2000 medium power board system

The FSCUT2000 Medium Power Laser Cutting System is a full-featured open-loop control system for the sheet metal processing industry. It is easy to install, easy to debug, excellent in performance and complete in solution. It is a fiber laser cutting control system with high market share.

FSCUT3000S pipe cutting board system

The FSCUT3000S is an open-loop control system developed for pipe processing. It supports square tube/round tube/runway type and elliptical tube and high-precision/high-efficiency cutting of angle/channel steel. It is an upgraded version of FSCUT3000.

FSCUT4000 full-closed board system

The FSCUT4000 series laser cutting system is a self-developed high-speed, high-precision, full-closed laser control system. Supports advanced functions such as automatic adjustment, cross-coupling control, intelligent perforation, and PSO position synchronization output.

FSCUT8000 ultra high power bus system

The FSCUT8000 system is a high-end intelligent bus system for ultra-high power fiber laser cutting requirements of 8KW and above. It is stable, reliable, easy to deploy, easy to debug, safe in production, rich in functions, and excellent in performance. It supports and provides modular, personalized, automated and information-based solutions.