What are the cutting processes of laser cutting machines?

What are the cutting processes of laser cutting machines

With the continuous development of fiber laser generator technology, the sheet metal processing industry has undergone disruptive changes, but the laser cutting machine still has certain shortcomings: when cutting aluminum alloy materials, there will be residual burrs (metal slag) on the cutting surface This kind of problematic rough surface cutting problem. Another type of problem has always been cutting machine tools, so more and more manufacturers have introduced some additional advantages of process cutting. Then introduced several cutting processes for you:


1. Ultra-fine cutting

Ultra-fine cutting is the application of optical fiber cutting technology. It gradually optimizes the cutting surface, cutting materials have a wider range, faster speed, better quality and lower cost.

2. Bright cut

In the bright cut size cutting, the laser cutting process is fast, accurate, environmentally friendly, and energy saving, which greatly reduces the difficulty of using the process. The effect of bright cutting is without slag or burr at the bottom, and the cutting surface is delicate and bright.

Post time: May-06-2020