What does fiber laser cutting machine control cutting height

Everyone knows that during the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting head does not move randomly. It walks according to the cutting trajectory set by the control system in advance. The height needs to be properly adjusted and controlled. One problem when manually adjusting the laser cutting head is that the height control is unstable.

In addition to selecting the appropriate cutting nozzle model and air pressure parameters according to the cutting situation, the fiber laser cutting machine needs to increase or decrease the height between the cutting head and the steel plate according to the thickness of the cutting material. Steel plates of different thicknesses use different parameters. Due to the fast speed of the fiber laser cutting machine, the operator cannot see the operation mode by hand, and the response speed cannot be achieved. Especially when cutting thin plates, or the surface of the material is textured, the flatness is not high, or the cutting processing environment is limited, it is important to keep the cutting height stable.

In order to compensate for the problem of unstable height control when manually adjusting cutting, the fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a follower capacitor height adjuster for the cutting head. No matter how thick the board is, the height can be kept the same with the capacitive height-adjusting follow-up cutting head. In this way, during the cutting process, the cutting head will appropriately increase or decrease the cutting height according to the thickness of the cutting material, so as to ensure the cutting quality, and at the same time can effectively avoid the problem of the cutting head touching the board.

Post time: Feb-10-2020