Lingxiu Laser helps you understand the safety behind the mask


The epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is raging all over the world in 2020. Masks can effectively block the infiltration of droplets, blood, body fluids and secretions, interrupt the spread of the virus, and become a necessity of life at this stage. The demand has surged. Many countries and regions have the problem of scarcity of masks. Many manufacturers urgently increase the production of mask machines. The surface printing of masks requires molds and a large amount of ink. The molds cannot be in place in time. Large amounts of ink printing cause great environmental pollution, resulting in a large number of whiteboard masks on the market (no ) Information identification mask). No printing masks flow into the market, giving some unscrupulous traders an opportunity to take advantage of; because some inferior masks are rampant in the market, they are extremely harmful to consumers’ health.

The best way to solve this kind of problem is to allow the mass consumer to easily and quickly identify the mask information, knowing what can and cannot be bought. For enterprises, it is even more urgent to further improve the quality control and brand building of the mask production process.

The traditional marking method mainly uses ink coding technology, but the biggest disadvantage of this technology in the existing mask production process is that it cannot be flexible and will cause environmental pollution. This also leads to the fact that the masks cannot expand to meet the production needs in the special period. .

The flexible production of lasers has been used in large quantities in various industries. The environmental protection of the separation ink and the high degree of product recognition have been recognized and used by a large number of food companies. In response to the current mask market logo problem, Lingxiu Laser has carried out relevant process development and experiments, and launched a new laser inkless printing technology, which can change the enhancement of the mask product logo, improve the overall quality of the product, and enhance the mask brand influence from the quality.

Post time: May-06-2020